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Floating market Nga Bay

22 Dec , 2012 &nbsp; Gallery

Travel Vietnam > Hau Giang > Floating market Nga Bay
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Nga Bay floating market called Phung Hiep floating market formation in 1915, is one of the most famous bustling floating markets and the Mekong River Delta (ĐBSCL).

Living image of the market are very familiar with River delta residents, but for visitors it's unique culture, the "spirit water" save a step pronuclei, present cultural practices his swimming father of nearly a century on alluvial land.

Delta people living close to the river water, canals interlaced. There are many floating markets scattered across the plains; in the core dovung, floating market Nga Bay (Hau Giang) most famous bustling activity scale, attract more visitors. Nga Bay is wholesale market for all kinds of goods, agricultural products, both wholesalers, both retail. The canals focus on agricultural products and has sold over, domestic and foreign.

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Cho Nga Bay – place to meet the 7 rivers: The Con, Bung Tau, Branchiae, Soc, Lai Hieu, Xeo subject and Xeo. Daily, about 2 – 3 am, boats around the convergence of, the starting place trade.

On a large surface, boats full size docking in close, the sale takes place empty with colorful fruit, fruits and vegetables and other daily-life domain of water.

The "store" is located on a boat, shoppers also by boat and visitors come here for sightseeing boat. In the picture is a woman carrying bananas to market, bring children along to the market.

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Service buyers, who sell, as well as in the land market, floating market there are a lot of mobile dining on small boats, sell all kinds of noodles, bun bo, bread soup, pho, coffee, freshwater…

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Nga Bay market goods mainly in the agricultural, especially fruits; There are also all kinds of poultry to household goods, Seafood ... until the food, drink not without. Special, year-round sale of solid, Turtle, bird, mouse ... is the specialty of the southwest. Tet season, there are more boats carrying flowers, Golden Apricot, bonsai… blooming a river.

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