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Khu lưu niệm cố nhạc sĩ Cao Văn Lầu


Vestige musicians HIGH FLOOR OFFICE

26 Oct , 2012 &nbsp;

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Try musician Cao Van Lau

Cao Van Lau, often called Six Floor, (22-12-1892 / 13-8 -1976) is a musician and author “Yes sweet nostalgic old”, a unique song and most famous art reformist Vietnam.

Cao Van Lau was born on 22 months 12 year 1892 The neighbors in Cui, My Chi village, later merged with the village of Thuan Thuan became America Ceremony, Vam district, Long An Province.
When four-year-old Cao Van Lau (year 1896), Good Chin (real name unknown, Father Cao Van Lau) because of poor, because it has oppressed his wife and six small children to visit, find another land to live.
Early, Nine Good to his refuge on a relative's land in Gia Hoi (Lieu). After 9 months of hard work hired without enough to eat, His family had to move to the Soap version (Long now in the U.S., Hau Giang Province), reclaiming farming.

About a year later, more 40 the land, because there is hardly new, landlords are taking over. Thanks to the introduction, Nine Good family moved to Pelican Throat (Rai, Lieu) to continue reclaiming, but then later split the land on the other hand.

His mercy Excellent scene empty-handed, Professor Chon home in the village of Thanh Hoa Vinh Loi, for he took a leaf hut on the land fill near Vinh Phuoc Pagoda (this ward 2, Bac Lieu town). In that, His wife and children have to go to rent, sentences to run away to eat each meal.
Venerable Ming Bao (? – 1912), An Vinh Phuoc Pagoda, Nine Good see his family too hard without enough to eat, should suggest to Cao Van Lau, Meanwhile new 8 years old, the temple in order to share the burden. Since then the boy Lau, both of shelves, Monks have been taught letters Grapes.
Year 1903, by his father to ask, Cao Van Lau was allowed to return to school the script. But just learning to “second class second year” (During the second year average) ie class 4 today, he left school because of the floor to meet more difficult situation: he went in-law, Her married, elderly father…So, year 15 years old (1907), Cao Van Lau to replace his father and brothers and sisters to do the hard work to support the family.

At that time in the neighborhood Rach He has a master Bon famous man named Le Tai Gas, When to call two or instrumental. This teacher was blind in both eyes with disabilities in the legs more, but his finger was gifted men.

Year 1908, Cao Van Lau led to him by his father when the two men each night to applicants. Thanks to the love and diligence, He quickly mastered the use of instruments such as zither, flamingo, pliers, free holiday; and became a musician in the original core of the old music teacher.

Year 1912, he began to sing with her Six Shadow Dragon and with all the resentment Bui Tu Kiem drop test.

Year 21 years old (1913), Cao Van Lau obey parents married, that she Tran Thi Tan, a modest girl in electronics (Chung Ba Khanh).
Around this time, he composed a short three named, later changed to Zoom, beat four of eight questions. After more, This is music composer Trinh Thien Tu lyrics and put the new name is Happy to meet you.

Year 1917, he composed a song composed 22 the, as a subject of instrumental music teacher is proposed “Government Government expectations” (Topics are drawn from the South who “Su Hui in the mixed text”) but could not fix it and the teacher heartbreaking adversity. His wife has three years and still no signs of pregnancy, according to the old, parents forced him to return to her parents house wife.

About a year later, missed her in the mood, Audio is designed to bring out. Listen to your fellow named Upset Three comments, he cut down 2 the overlap, tracks are even 20 the twin spans.

Tet Trung Thu in maize samples (15 months 8 lunar, aim 19 months 9 year 1918), He and his friends to visit him, presenters are not named on the tracks. After listening to, instrumental music teacher utmost praise.

That night the monks attend Resonance Screening, instrumental music teacher immediately asked the monk named music. The professor says:”… music and lyrics but also some inconsistency of, but still express the general feelings of Mrs Hue. So according to this volume are all named “Yes sweet nostalgic old” (Remember the night her husband heard the drums). Since that night, This song is spreading rapidly.

Year 1919, Floor to musicians in his troupe of three penny opera (Lieu).

Success of the August Revolution, he joined the Vietnamese Fatherland Front Contact Vinh Phuoc hamlet, Vinh Loi, Bac Lieu Province.
Year 1947, He received special mission is to save and has saved some French colonial officers arrested.
From 1918 to five 1974, outside the “Yes sweet nostalgic old”, which later developed into the “Stock outlook”, changing part of the reformed; Mr Cao Van Lau also composed more 10 print, but most circulated only in Bac Lieu

He died at the 13 hour day 13 months 8 year 1976 Ho Chi Minh City, Life 84 years old.


Vestige musician Cao Van Lau

Tomb of Cao Van Lau is located here in the late composer's family. The land area of ​​3ha this newly renovated Lieu government embellished the "Historic Cultural Monument Area musician Cao Van Lau", officially put into operation on the fifteenth day of the month 8 Lunar Year of the Ox (29/9/2009) anniversary 90 the birth of the "Da Co Hoai corridor" by the musician Cao Van Lau hands before work. In Vestige, through the gate pretty beauty, go straight to the family tomb of the late talented musician Cao Van Lau. That's four brick tomb stone grinding bowl beautiful, divided into two pairs: Ms. Tran Thi Tan (wife musician Cao Van Lau) – musician Cao Van Lau and Ms. Thach Thi Tai – Talented musician Cao Van, father is musician Cao Van Lau.

42652546 Khu lưu niệm nhạc sĩ CAO VĂN LẦU

The artifacts on display at the, we also know from the development process "already have nostalgic sweet" to the famous ancient expectations – music "nest" of opera theatrics South. Besides, there are many well documented (photo) some discussion about the preservation and promotion of the value of the "Da Co Hoai lang", some musicians pictures, Typical native artisans Lieu, ca tai tu scene reconstruction wax, some opera costumes stage of some famous opera artists, antique musical instrument, which has concave key guitar of "First South pianist" – literary elite musicians to compose in 1976 (awarded on 25/7/2009), festival orchestra musician Cao Van Lau used: flamingo, shells, competition, empty, tambourine, tum, cymbal…; Autographs musician Cao Van Lau and the musicians wear rattles much of his childhood home in Long An as… Special, between the statue gallery musician Cao Van Lau incense, two side walls are two "sweet nostalgic already have" (rate 2), the lyrics and the music and some of his other works by calligraphy pen flying butterflies on floral background luxury fabrics…



On 24-10-2012, Tourist Association Mekong Delta voted Vestige musician Cao Van Lau is 1 in 7 Typical tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta.

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YesVietnam synthesis from multiple sources

From the city center via the Kim Son Bac Lieu (Go to) to the intersection and the street named Cao Van Lau about 1km away, visitors turn right into a small road about 300 meters to the memorial musician Cao Van Lau located in Ward 2, Bac Lieu city


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